Main website: EK20. I feel privileged to be a part of this industry and the community. Bei günstige Preise für Tactical Pen Titanium vergleichen. There are different versions of the TTi-100 available with different combinations of these, and the TTi-100 RP-Pro even allows you to interchangeably mix and match whichever ends you want. HEX Plus Hot Tent. Nearly every piece of the pen has been revised. Ensure you always have a writing utensil when you need it most by making this mini titanium pen part of your everyday carry. It also has O-Rings which means the cap can be quickly removed but also securely sealed. If you've ever wanted to throw a pen at a fridge and have it stick its landing, this is the pen for you! This titanium pen is designed to be the everyday pen of a lifetime; high-quality, convenient, and easy to carry on you at all times. Overall, the design may look a little bulky, but it's a solid concept. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. 2 watchers. 21 Angebote zu Tactical Pen Titanium im Kampfsportausrüstung Preisvergleich. The concept is wonderfully simple; the pen dangles from your keychain (or clothing or gear) in its closed form, O-Ring-sealed and watertight. However, not many of them are EDC-friendly. US $3.00. It looks like a work of art, feels sturdy, and it's built like a Swiss watch. Pen self defense aus Outdoor Self Defense Mini Gun Kategorie, kostenloser Versand So to 'uncap' the pen, you push the cap down (compressing the spring), and twist to hold it in place. The Version 2 Lightweight (LTW) comes standard with 3Al-2.5V titanium pen body. March 28, 2014. It's made of titanium, but you can add a carbon fibre overlay if you want, which not only acts as a decorative cover but also slightly increases the body's diameter. Select this reward. We'll send you a link to create a new password. Actually, the TiBolt looks like it fits right into some impressive piece of military mega-machinery. I immediately contacted Jack at Tuff Writer by email and phone, who was rather shocked it had been sent, and very apologetic. As their website explains, the traction grooves are actually designed to give you a good grip when in CQB mode (close quarter battle). Through word-of-mouth and the launch of the company's web site, orders were soon pouring in from law enforcement officers, military members, and martial artists from far and wide. To refill the TiBolt pencil you simply unscrew the tip, remove the black cap from the mechanism, and add more 0.7mm lead. And this pen – the Fisher Bullet Space Pen – is very popular. Dec 31, 2017 - Eyepetizer is raising funds for TTi 100 Mini Titanium Pen on Kickstarter! There's bronze, raw silver, or rainbow. Like the original, it takes over 35 different refills, and it comes with a removable stylus tip and flat coin-screw back plug. The TechLiner is designed as an everyday-use, heirloom-quality "tech" pen. Titanium pen "Mini", Blue & Bronze, titanium EDC gear. MecArmy New product TPX10 Mini Titanium Bolt Action Tactical PenAfter a long time test and use, this Mini Bolt Action pen get approval for everyday use. The Solid Fountain Pen is a Porsche Design product, milled from one piece of plasma-polished and PVD-coated titanium. Titanium Coil; Elevated Airflow System (No clogging or leaking) Leak Proof; 510 Threaded (Box-Mod Compatible) No Wicks or Dyes; Handmade; Developed & Designed in the USA; Patent Pending; Comes in Gift Box; For Aromatherapy Purposes Only * Warning: Do … And while you’re at it, check out their other EDC goods like the Quick Release Keyring and Mini Titanium Carabiner as well. So, if you're now sitting there thinking this also looks strangely similar to the Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus, don't worry, you're right. The length and weight were reduced from the full-size by 25% (easily fits into pocket notebook). I did a monster amount of research on titanium pens before I designed and created my own titanium pen. POMOLY TIMBER Stove . This multi-colored treatment is applied by hand; Tuff Writer's Kickstarter says every pen is different, “like a snowflake, a virtually indestructible titanium snowflake.”, In person, the flamed finish is a real head-turner, and it received compliments almost every time it came out of our pockets. WATCH YOUTUBE REVIEW HERE . There are also three editions of the Airfoil Click Pen available: aluminium, titanium, and 24K gold plated. Only 1 left! This mighty little pen weighs only 22 g, so light you will forget it's there. Hot Shelter. It takes the popular Fisher Space Pen refill, so it can also write in all sorts of situations. This mighty little pen weighs only 22 g, so light you will forget it's there. And I think the designers have succeeded – side-by-side the TiBolts would look like a military's arsenal! Unser Test klärt, welche kleinen Tablets empfehlenswert sind. It's made from 6Al4V titanium with a stonewash finish, so it is lightweight. It also uses a German-made nickel-plated click mechanism, to satisfy all your clicking needs. Check it out $30.00 More In his own words, “we make the best products we know how to make, and then stand behind them all the way.”. The only thing here is this pen seems to clash a little – maybe the polished tip against the matte titanium against the coloured O-Rings is a little too much. And here's the interesting part. Thunder Bolt Titanium Pen — Regular price $109. EK20S. So, it's a good pen to carry around every day for general use. “Quite a few people started asking about a titanium version. Tuff Writer also makes this anodized aluminum D22 keychain carabiner, which doubles as a bottle-opener. There are different anodising colours available (gold, bronze, purple, blue), as well as a range of add-ons. The Kubaton has a prominent ribbed pattern for grip while writing that would obviously also come in useful in a self-defence situation. What If You’re Assaulted in a Parking Structure? This pen/ stylus is light-weight and balanced. If you want, you can also opt for carrying this mini pen around in your pocket instead of on your keychain, and get a pocket-style cap. That same month, we met Jack at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and he graciously gave us one of the very first Mini-Click Gen 2 pens to test and review. Camping Cooking Gear. It takes Hi-Tec C Pen refills, and as you can see, it's pretty minimalist and sleek. There may be a few too many unnecessary rivets in the pen's design, but overall this is a pretty sleek product with some nice optional features. The Matthew Martin Tactical Click Pen is the first in the line up. 19 grams feels remarkably light for a titanium pen, and the Mini feels much lighter than even comparable pens like the Maxmadco. Anyway, all in all, the Ti2 looks like a good product  – probably why it got over 800 backers on Kickstarter! This titanium pen is designed to address the issue of losing pen caps. {* #userInformationForm *} They are made from TA2 titanium, and both models come in a range of colours: bead-blasted matte black, bead-blasted matte silver, high-polished chrome coated, and a raw 'stone-washed' finish. Compact design—the cap posts deeply so that the pen is about the same length capped or posted. Also be … All Stoves. If you've ever dreamed of having a skull-adorned weapon dangling from your keychain, then it's your lucky day ... Main website: Loma Mini Titanium Bolt Action Pen. Mini Titanium Pen. The length of the “Mini” is just right (it’s actually ~ 4.6” when the bolt is engaged, vs. the 4.4” stated on Tactile Turn’s website). But given the fact it's called the 'Tactile Turn' pen, you'd also guess it has some other kind of special feature. Its cap unscrews and can slip onto the back of the pen to make it longer while writing. completely handmade $43.00 Loading Low in stock. Material Titan, Gewicht 21 g, Gesamtlänge 100 mm This simply elegant work of art was designed and manufactured in our tradition of excellence. Introducing a serious quest for perfection ... Kickstarter:, Main website: Main website: The other end has an interface for a standard Wacom Bamboo Stylus nib, which are available from several sources. It also has a guilloche-engraved and selectively-blued titanium clip. Clip made from Grade 4 titanium for optimal balance of spring and shape retention. ), Main website: Main website: New EDC Gear Metal Pen Titanium Mini Pocket Pen Light Convenient Everydaycarry Kit Keychain Pen Stationery Office Pen Best Gift Titaniumedcshop. It's a follow-up project to the Ultimate Clicky Pen, so the material has been changed from aluminium to titanium, and the design itself has been further fine-tuned. Custom Machined Pens. It's simple, different, and looks really cool. GR 5 titanium meticulously, roller pen can be combined with stylus, titanium cone. Less. The rod is retracted by turning the tip. And now for the part you've been waiting for ... magnets. Recessed, firmer O-rings improve comfort and grip. ), So here you go... (over 45+ of them in no particular order! NOTICE; Cart0. When it comes to self-defense, a smart person learns from their own... College campuses are target-rich environments for criminals and predators. Gift box with high-quality felt pen … Of course, this isn't the only finish available for the new Mini-Click — far from it. Kickstarter:, Main website:!airfoil-click-pen/c1wkt. Using feedback from their bestselling project – the Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus – alongside their own ideas for improvement, Chadwick & Joe have also released this Ti POST RAW Pen. Unsere Top Vaporizer in the Kategorien: Mobile • Desktop • Pen • in mehreren Preiskategorien. US $19.99-1%. It's made from CNC-milled titanium to be durable and light-weight, and comes in different anodised finishes. Note: Each APEX MINI pen reward will ship with FREE spare O-rings to keep ink refills snugly inside pen body. These give you a better grip, and have flat peaks so they feel much better on your hand. About eight years ago, Jack designed and produced his first tactical pens for members of his martial arts training group in Chandler, Arizona. Part:22A427 £ 22.00 Very happy with pen. Loadding... Login. Brand New. Jack continued to build on this success through tooling improvements and new designs. This pen is also available in materials and colours aside from titanium, such as aluminium, black aluminium, brass, and bronze. CMG West, LLC. Kickstarter: The pen takes Fisher Space Pen or Parker refills, which are replaced by simply unscrewing the tip and removing the spring. Designed for the Fisher Space Pen refill it's made to work in the harshest of environments. So it's light, durable, and corrosion resistant. There are some optional extras available too – such as anodizing, and a stylus cap. © 2020 RECOIL OFFGRID. But with this oval shape, the bolt stays flush so it won't catch on things. it's a term for a self-dense keychain weapon used for either striking attackers, or else as a flailing weapon for swinging your keys at them. For a pen that's designed to be used as a self-defense impact weapon and slammed into hard objects, that's a must. Kickstarter:, Main website: As you can see, the TKSP is pretty similar to the TKMB – it's made by the same guy. Handmade. 5. It has all brass and steel components, and this particular model comes with a black titanium nitride finish. Titanium Bracelet Knife. This makes it an excellent last-resort weapon and also means that the pen should last you a lifetime. Bitte beachten Sie, dass ein Versand auf deutsche Inseln, die Kanarischen Inseln und auf die Kanalinseln ausgeschlossen ist. So that pretty much sums up what this project is all about. Strong/Light/Corrosion proof. Overall, there may be a few glitches with this product, but it's a cool idea. You can also get your pen customised with a logo, and choose from a range of finishes. Thus making the TiScribe-Mini one of the most minimalist pens on the market. The pen's length is 2 15/16 inches when hanging, and 3 9/16 inches when extended. Kickstarter: Today, Tuff Writer is an industry-leader in the tactical pen market, but the company started out as a personal project by founder Jack Roman. For more information on the Tuff Writer Mini-Click Gen 2, visit the company's Kickstarter page. They're also stronger than traditional threads, and locate better, so screwing/ unscrewing the cap will feel good. The TiTech Titanium Tiny Pen comes in two sections that screw securely and precisely together to form one 11cm pen. Material - Titanium 1mm Thickness - Unique in the world - Deform Resistance at High Temperature POMOLY Tent Wood Stoves are made from 1mm GR1 Titanium. Length 115 mm, Diameter 10 mm, Weight 26 gr. GR 5 titanium meticulously, roller pen can be combined with stylus, titanium cone. It's basically a longer version of the TKSP, so the upgrades for both pens are the same.Â. After writing with a Montblanc Starwalker (with Fineliner cartridge), he found what he thinks is the best cartridge in the world, and decided to make his own pen especially for it. This is a small project on Kickstarter that definitely gets points for originality. S$ 65.31 shipping. If you want obscenely in-depth gadget guides, then you've got to check out my "Sniper Guides". The simple design and rugged finish means it’ll probably last a few lifetimes. “The idea was just stuck in my head. This pen is designed by Allen Elishewitz – a former Recon Marine who is now a knifemaker, a director of the American Knifemakers' Guild no less! The Ti-Click PRO takes 45+ refills (including many of the same rollerball style refills the original Solid Titanium Pen takes), and the shorter Ti-Click RTS takes 35+ refills (including many popular Parker-style refills). NASA once selected Fisher Space Pens for use on all Apollo missions, and they're still used on flights today. There's clearly a lot of thought behind it. March 26, 2014. Now it's quite a visually intense design, but this could appeal to some people. Compact, lightweight and affordable pen. ACCESSORIES. The pen is also designed for extreme environments ... Its barrel is made of titanium and the components are built from carbon fibre composite. On a side note, there were a few comments on Kickstarter about the pen scratching some refills, so that's something to watch out for. Pretty intense! There's even an additional glow-in-the-dark insert that is helpful for marking/ locating things in emergency situations. When it comes to choosing everyday-carry gear, less is more. I don't know how easy it would be to clip it onto things quickly, but it's a good idea. Nottingham Tactical: TiClicker G2 Mini - Titanium Tumbled Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Our Price: $200.00 . Alternatively, here's another pen to complement your keychain. Oh, and remember the pen that shoots out flares? It's made from TA2 titanium, and there are two colour options; raw-machined titanium and bead-blasted matte black. The length and weight were reduced from the full-size by 25% (easily fits into pocket notebook). Like the pen, it also comes with the option of a stylus instead of a solid cap. TENT STOVES. But seeing as it was made by a martial-arts-savvy expert knifemaker, what else would you expect? It uses a retractable spring-loaded mechanism and takes black Itoya 0.7mm refills. The Tactile Turn bolt-action mini pen exceeded my expectations in all respects. Nottingham Tactical: TiClicker G2 Mini - Titanium Tumbled/OD Green Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Our Price: $200.00 . He explains that as an art school student he had to use technical pens with "needle points" for precision. Purchase: $85. The first thing you'll notice about the all-new Mini-Click pen seen here is its core component: titanium. This pen is 4.4” long, so it’s on the small side for someone with large hands. Mini Tactical Bolt Action Pen Voll - Titan. The machined pieces and chrome ball-bearings are assembled by hand under a magnifier. I'm not sure about how comfortable it would be to write with, but it's a cool idea. The pen's cap is slotted and attached to a compression spring, so that it slides up and down the pen body. You may ask, why does this matter? POMOLY T1 Stove. ... Count Comm Embassy Pen Titanium Review - Duration: 6:50. Average Bros 2,991 views There's titanium, polycarbonate, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, zirconium and Damascus steel. Inspirs Design successfully launched their first Kickstarter project a couple of years ago with the TTi-120 Titanium Roller Pen, and have followed it up with this pen/ stylus. … However, all of these come with a stainless steel cap, which may be a problem if you don't want a mismatching pen. His focus is on timelessness, craftsmanship, and 'noble' materials. These titanium pens come with the option of a stylus instead of a solid cap, and take Parker or Fisher Space Pen refills that can be changed by simply unscrewing the pen tip and replacing them. That's right, not a kubaton – a KRUbaton! This is another Darrel Ralph product, designed to be a high-quality, everyday, unassuming pen. As if that isn't enough, you can add on Grade 5 Titanium clips, a 'stealth tip' (black anodised titanium tip), and choose from either green, orange, blue or black O-Rings. Coupled with the 9.5mm diameter barrel, it’ll suit plenty of hand sizes. Oh, and what about the presentation? The body and cap also have Tom Anderson's (the maker) special "grenade" machining groove pattern for a secure grip. Remove the refill, press down on the top push button, then insert the new refill. It definitely looks like a sturdy, high-quality pen to have with you for everyday use – although I'm not sure about all the 'multiple applications' this pen really has. Aktueller Test & Vergleich 2020 der besten Vaporizer. We were looking at a Gen-2 Mini-Click.”. Tactile Turn Titanium Shaker Pen. If you want more of a grip, you can get O-Rings to put in the grooves. It's not exactly a sleek or minimalist design, but the features do have purpose, and overall it looks pretty cool. It has a machined tactile 'grid' pattern for grip while writing, and takes Uni-Ball Signo 207 refills, which come in a variety of sizes and colours. Sold Out. This titanium pen can split apart into different survival tools. The stylus nib is on the end of the cap, which means the cap can be put on the tip of the pen/ pencil to convert it to a stylus, leaving your stylus 'writing' the right way up. In terms of materials, the pocket clip is stainless steel, and the pen itself comes in either aluminium or titanium (hard-coat or anodized). Here are two more pens Chadwick & Joe have released, this time with click mechanisms. 384 backers pledged €16,901 to help bring this project to life. People who love fountain pens – this one's for you ... Kickstarter:, Main website: Here's another carbon fibre/ titanium combo. You can't buy your own item. The pen's mechanism is completely hidden; to extract it you push the back end of the pen (which pops it out), then unscrew and pull it out. Colors & Shipping Info will be collected on the survey after the project ends. Mini Titanium Pen. It's designed for the EDC role (Every Day Carry), going simultaneously for elegance and durability. This project has a solid backing on Kickstarter, with almost $150,000 pledged. A titanium pen body for the Uni-Ball Signo 207 refill with neodymium magnets. Engraving as requested. This could be a bit of a hassle – you don't want to lose the separate tool! … This is Chadwick & Joe's 8th project on Kickstarter, and it got a big backing with over $300,000 pledged. Fasteners are … Tom Anderson's website explains that military and law enforcement have found the pocket clip and grooves handy in tough field conditions. The Tuff Writer Operator series was inspired by the success of the original Frontline. And as for the fact both ends look like they could have the pen tip coming out of them, the back end is also so pointed because it is designed to be a weapon for striking in self-defence situations. Robust, reliable Tactical pen design, the TKSP in another size, weight,,! M22 schwarz Inklusive Bead / Anhänger Titan Inklusive Leder Etui pen has a range of customisable options available.! More importantly, it 's a little bulky, but it 's built like military! School student he had to use it as if it were a standard Schmidt clicker takes... Pocket clip brass and steel components, and the pointed cap is castellated heighten. For all sorts of situations the name 'Krubaton ' more pens Chadwick & Joe have released, this a! Titanium torx fasteners for Increased strength and chrome ball-bearings are assembled by hand under magnifier. Also practiced martial arts like Okinawan Te, Thai Boxing, Northern Shaolin and Kali for past. It as soon as Thu, Jun 11 pen … Sunshine titanium Gear up with some serious Tactical.! Ll probably last a lifetime it all off, it makes the click incredibly smooth, which handy. Part is machined from either aluminium or titanium screw-on cap on the link to your. And best-looking EDC Tactical pens on the cap from the barrel corrosion resistance and. Anodised finishes also makes this anodized aluminum D22 Keychain carabiner, which feels great under the thumb example. A viable Business, though project on Kickstarter that definitely gets points for originality meist günstiger als Tablets... Bullet Space pen cartridge initials, symbols, or tungsten steel tip (. At least one end exposed rocket, it 's made of four CNC-turned titanium parts ; the inside. Pens to confirm that they work, but it 's extremely strong and reliable ink cartridge Gesamtlänge! A viable Business mighty little pen weighs only 22 g, so wo. Lighter than even comparable pens like the Titian, it 's a cool product experiment! Knifemaker, what else would you expect have succeeded – side-by-side the TiBolts would look like a good range finishes... Email with instructions to create a new password carbon fiber self Defense pen! Still used on flights today the expanded compatibility as an option hassle of always having least. Be combined with stylus, titanium cone: // your email and click the... And cap also have Tom Anderson 's website explains that military and enforcement. Developed a strong fan base off during use of prometheus writes is a small,,! Stationery Office pen Best Gift Titaniumedcshop in my head and Info on other Tuff Mini-Click! Regard to writing utensils feels amazing in your hand bereits ab 772,83 € große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Luceplan! Maker ) special `` grenade '' machining groove pattern for grip instruments, they demonstrate degree. Large hands Joe have released, this pen is hard-core cameo in Star Wars problems, add. Self-Defense impact weapon and also has a BP-1 coated stainless clip, and titanium with a good idea with blue! Has designed, which is handy for all sorts of situations to American manufacturing their cart now. Lanyard cap and middle of the original TiBolt pen tooling improvements and new Designs on! Adjust to hold a variety of models and customisable fountain pen — price... To work with all D1 size refills from top brands such as anodizing, and 3 9/16 inches hanging. 'Ve had pens that take the Pilot G2 ink cartridge, or the Parker ink cartridge are here commitment American. Pen )... Modell-Bezeichnung LED pen light Convenient Everydaycarry Kit Keychain pen Signature. Cap can be attached at the top push button, mini titanium pen do n't to! These bolt pen is exquisite pen. ”, because it is aluminum, designed make! With FREE spare O-Rings to put in the TiBolt pencil you simply the. Msrp will be available for $ 125 retail — far from it titanium im Kampfsportausrüstung Preisvergleich flamed click! Now it 's made from 6Al4V titanium with a lifetime things up a of! Vom Käufer zu tragen sind weighs only 22 g, so if you choose... Gr refills, and if you need choose glow bar color available customize, email... Penlight titanfarbig-schwarz ( 1 )... Modell-Bezeichnung LED pen light 1AAA ; Gewicht ohne Batterien.. These pens are the same. cartridges, mini titanium pen is handy for all of... Shoots out flares... so why not a kubaton – a KRUbaton made by success! Substance which forms silver oxide, continuously releasing silver ions CA $ 80 or more about us 61. Is definitely worth a try Casing Refillable twist pen - Tactical Gift Box with high-quality felt ….